ZO 4 JUN 16u Hot Pursuit of Happiness | Thollem

doors 15:00
concert 16:00
Tickets at the door 7,-
Join us for a sneak peek of Thollem as singer/songwriter Hot Pursuit of Happiness. HPOH is Thollem’s moniker for his new 21st century one man band. De Tanker has opened its door to host this show while Thollem’s in town.
HPOH’s first album This Day’s Called Tuesday, coming out on Personal Archives Records in August, explores the slippery nature of objective reality, love and justice in a violently polarized world. It’s also a really fun ride!
Following his work with his Italian punk band Tsigoti, and Hand To Man Band (Dieterich, Watt, Barnes), this is Thollem as a singer-songwriter, live beat maker and producer all rolled up into one. These original songs, recorded and performed in real-time, include layers of sounds that Thollem manipulates in thrilling and unexpected ways to accompany his vocals that “knot together philosophical koans about the nature of existence.” (Iggy Pot, LiveEye TV)
“Thollem displays a chameleonic ability to adapt to suit whatever musical context presents itself… There is more than one way to access the infinite.” (Daniel Spicer, ​The Wire)
“Thollem might be a musician, or he might be some kind of wizard scientist…” (The Denver Westword)


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