Z0 12 JUN workshop 20:00 show

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Lustrum BIM50 ||
Bim in de Wijk & Nebular Sessions proudly present:
Nebular Extravaganza at De Tanker in Noord
Sunday 12 June, 2022
Doors open: 19:30
Showtime: 20:00
Tickets: 6-18€ (sliding scale) tickets for sale at the door or online.
✺ Amsterdam Improvisers Orchestra
✺ Jerboah
Free activities in the afternoon, come and participate!!
✺ Open rehearsal AIO (16:00)
✺ Free Workshop Conducted improv


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Complete programme:
16:00 Amsterdam Improvisers Orchestra (AIO) open rehearsal
Audiences and musicians interested in the workshop are welcome to atest.
17:30 Free Workshop
Free conducted-improv workshop for musicians with their instruments, please check below requirements and subscription.
19:30 Doors open – 20:00 Music starts
✺ Amsterdam Improvisers Orchestra
Annelie Koning: Vocals
Dodó Kis: Recorders / Vocals
Felicity Provan: Trumpet / Vocals
Giuseppe Doronzo: Baritone Sax
Ada Rave: Tenor Sax / Clarinet
Harald Austbø: Cello / Vocals
Oscar Jan Hoogland: Piano / e-Clavichord
Vinicius Cajado: Double Bass
George Hadow: Drums
Marc Baggiani: Conducting
✺ Jerboah
Sarah Jeffery: Lead Vocals & Recorders
Dodó Kis: EWI synth bass, Recorders and Vocals
Guillermo Celano: Guitar
Marc Baggiani: Drums and Vocals
22.00 Dj PL with the best Playlists to dance until the room is empty.
“Possibly this is what the traffic intersection of the future looks like: All possible kinds
of vehicles on the road, no traffic lights, no guardrails, no speed limit – and no
accidents! … little aliens driving by on the highways of Avant-garde and Anarchy.
Recorders rock! Such energy!”
Günter Moseler – Westfälische Nachrichten
Jerboah has toured the Netherlands and Germany throughout 2017-2019 and since 2021 is back with a fresh line-up and a whole new repertoire.
Musically diverse backgrounds are brought together from the worlds of contemporary, classical, non-Western, renaissance, jazz, improvised and rock music.
Coupled with their unusual instrumentation, a musical style is created that can only be described in the combination of terms. A mix of art-rock, post-genre and worldbeat hit closest to the mark.
The Amsterdam Improvisers Orchestra
Creepy sounds, undefined noise, film music, concrete non sense and abstract bullshit, massive waves of sound and subtle whistles, lethanies from the earth and folk songs from another planet, free jazz, musique concrete and retro-futuristic artifarti outrages.
The Amsterdam Improvisers Orchestra is a new born child.
With only 2 previous appearances in earlier times (read: before the pandemic) and a shifting pool of improvising musicians, Marc Baggiani’s brainchild destilates from his passion for Improvised music and his experience playing in various Improv Orchestras from the most diverse backgrounds.
Expect the unexpected, or even better: let the expectations at home, come and feel it, experience it!
Free Workshop on Conducted Improvisation (and Open AIO Rehearsal)
Conducted improvisation is the act of providing a certain degree of instruction for improvisation to musicians in real time, usually through various gestures.
In this 1 hour workshop the participants will have the chance to run through a basic version of the cue system of the AIO and eventually instantly compose a few pieces of music through this lexicon.
Bring your instrument, deepen your musical knowledge and develop your personal sound. For young & old, starter, advanced or professional, vocalist or instrumentalist.
The participation is free.
The places to attend this workshop are limited, so we encourage you to sign up via this email: marcos.baggiani@ahk.nl (also for questions 🙂
1st come 1st served.
Are you curious about conducted improv or music improvisation in general?
The AIO Rehearsal is open for musicians and the public to attest.


Extra informatie

5 euro