ZA 28 JAN 20:00 CONCERT: 2000MOTELS plays ZAPPA


2000Motels is a Dutch/Italian band playing music of Frank Zappa.

The band started in 2016, the first lineup included among others Rob Brons (keyboards, vocals), Jan van der Veen (electric guitar) and Achille Regazzoni (bass, vocals, Weissenborn guitar).

The band went through several changes, many rehearsals were used to develop the Zappa sound and the cohesion among the musicians.

Sometime after Karsten van Straten (drums, vocals) joined the group, the first gig on February 2018 was played, followed by others in several venues in the Netherlands all through the same year.

After the first gig of 2019 the former singers left the band, so several auditions were necessary to find the right musicians (quite a coincidence as the proverb says…Necessity is the mother of invention!)

Finally by April 2019 Robin Boer (keyboards, vocals, percussions) Gerrit Eijkelboom (vocals) and later by August 2019 also Valentina Madam Bruno (vocals, percussions) joined the group which by then became a septet.

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