ZAT 20 MEI 20:00 Here we are/ Malleus Trio


The evening, curated by Amsterdam based dancer Manuela Tessi in collaboration with Vancouver based musician Ben Brown, will consist of two sets: the first an improvised music and dance quintet, the second set the Vancouver based Malleus Trio, on tour in Europe in May,  will play their original songs. Ben Brown and Manuela Tessi have been collaborating in various settings in Amsterdam and Berlin since 2015. They share a passion for a deep investigation into sound and movement, and how the two art forms are integral to each other.

Set 1: Here we are

Improvised music and dance quintet with Manuela Lucia Tessi, Thalia Laric – dance, Ben Brown – drums, Geordie Hart – contrabass Dominic Conway – tenor saxophone.

Set 2: Malleus Trio

Malleus Trio is an exciting instrumental band based out of Vancouver, B.C. Their music fuses high-octane improvisation with dynamic original compositions. Having forged their musical rapport for over a decade, there is a palpable chemistry pulsing through their music. The group’s language speaks to both familiarity and risk, resulting in a sound that is both unconventional and accessible.

The trio will celebrate the release of their third album this summer with performances at summer Canadian jazz festivals in Toronto, Medicine Hat, Calgary, and Victoria. With this new record in hand, Malleus Trio map new terrain for open-minded ears

The Malleus Trio features bassist Geordie Hart (The Boom Booms), Dominic Conway (Mary Ancheta Quartet) on tenor saxophone, and drummer Ben Brown (Pugs & Crows).



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