ZA 8 JUN 13.00 Hushed Hands I QBAE I Orfanoudaki Pintó Duo


Doors 13.00

Music 13.30

Welcome to another day well wasted! Weird rock, weirder rock and relevant avantgarde, all in the sign of improvisation. If the weather is good you can very well bet a fortune that you can hear the music outside.


Hushed Hands is an experimental pop-rock and free improvisation project centered around the music of bandleader Eli Wing. The band endeavors to operate within the tensions between freedom and restriction, humor and sincerity and in- and interdependence. These themes can be found from the lyrical content of the songs to the juxtaposition between the free improvised pieces and Eli’s uptight arrangements. In fact, these tensions amount to a philosophical core as well as an aesthetic goal; Hushed Hands seeks rather to ride the wave of homeostasis than to calm the waters by brute force.

If you were to come to a performance of Hushed Hands, ideally you would enjoy yourself. But in the event that you didn’t, you will none-the-less be unable at times to shake the feeling that you may just have seen one of the weirder shows that you had never intended to see, and that’s worth something, isn’t it?

Hushed Hands: we take music seriously so you don’t have to!

Eli Wing: Rhythm – guitar, vocals | Jeff Taylor – keyboards | Nikos Charalambous – lead guitar | Vos Arends – bass | Quartus Vlak – drums| Thijs van den Geest – trumpet | Wytze de Swart – alto sax | Hristo Goleminov – tenor sax| Marcus Wärnheim – bass clarinet


QBAE is the performing core of collective-label KB_: a rotating ensemble hosted by gabriel de oliveira (aka 9nijntjes) and Niels Luteijn as part of the collective’s focus on nourishing new globalized scenes. With a mixed emo/afro/impro approach, the Brazilian and Caribbean references of the guitar-plus-drums duo take on a hardcore edge, coded through languages of instant composition and pop culture. 

Since 2023, they’ve aggregated South African bassist Zenzele Mthembu-Salter to their lineup, forming a trio latent with explosive grooves. Following ongoing collaborations with Pedro Kastelijns and Winnie Conradi (The Klittens), they now invite vocalist Jacob Clausen (OATS, Temporary Android) as a special guest, for intricate digital-voice textures and relentless expressive screaming. | gabriel de oliveira – guitar | Niels Luteijn – drums | Zenzele Mthembu-Salter – bass | Jacob Clausen – voice


Orfanoudaki Pintó Duo explore together the limits of the unorthodox combination of harpsichord and contrabass.

Young and electric, they employ improvisation and a shared love for the avantgarde to create music that they find relevant.

Katerina Orfanoudaki – harpsichord | Ignacio Pintó – contrabass