VRIJ 21 APR 20:00 New Rites Of Pasage


Online tickets tijdelijk niet beschikbaar!

receive initiation into new rites of passage for the interplanetary age and say goodbye to climate chaos, accelerating mass extinction and civilisational collapse. It will be a night of guidance and glowing cocktails to steer you away from our current planetary near-death experience (NDE). Will you let yourself be transformed into a pioneer of the new era?

Lisa Liebshen inaugurates our take off
FES is dance music for weirdo’s
Amina: Life in short or on board of the Galactic Enterprise
Magieke Jansen: Heer likkens Smack soda!
ElectRick: high voltage adventures in sound
Execute Blankferret: runaway positive feedbacks, hidden thresholds and irrevocable tipping points
Cheeky Soundsystem resident DJs: Expect the usual good ones, cosmic classics and more