VRIJ 21 APR 20:00 New Rites Of Pasage


receive initiation into new rites of passage for the interplanetary age and say goodbye to climate chaos, accelerating mass extinction and civilisational collapse. It will be a night of guidance and glowing cocktails to steer you away from our current planetary near-death experience (NDE). Will you let yourself be transformed into a pioneer of the new era?

Lisa Liebshen inaugurates our take off
FES is dance music for weirdo’s
Amina: Life in short or on board of the Galactic Enterprise
Magieke Jansen: Heer likkens Smack soda!
ElectRick: high voltage adventures in sound
Execute Blankferret: runaway positive feedbacks, hidden thresholds and irrevocable tipping points
Cheeky Soundsystem resident DJs: Expect the usual good ones, cosmic classics and more