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VR 2 SEP 19:00-24:00uur COUNTERPOINT


Counterpoint is a new concert series dedicated to experimental and improvisation music. Artists are very welcome to show and tryout their new projects and ideas to surprise audience.


Counterpoint 1
—-Duke S.
Duke Sis a quirky mix of synthetic exotica, sun ra-esque electro jazz and ambient with faux field recordings.
Performed in the Benelux, Portugal and Lithuania, using various vintage instruments including percussion pads and a theremin.

——-Jasna Veličković

Open for spontenuous collaboration, bring your instruments.

———-Infinite feedback by Silvan Schmid x schoco mune

Two speakers, trumpet and piano, mics and two mixers. Speakers and mics are placed facing each other to generate mutual feedback.

Sounds which are produced by trumpet and piano are over-amplified, controlled by two mixers and into infinite feedback….

Silvan Schmid :

schoco mune :

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