8 SEP 19:00u Marcos Baggiani’s “half a century bothering humanity”


Marcos Baggiani’s “half a century bothering humanity”

Concert Party at De Tanker!!

50 voyages around the sun and a good excuse to celebrate love, music, friendship, freedom and existence, as it is.

(With a bit of that old obsession for the decimal system 🙂

Tickets: €5 or more (contributions are super welcome!) tickets for sale at the door or online

Doors open: 19:00

✺ 20:00 Variete!

An array of fantastic musicians to present an extremely eclectic chamber program pendulating between Classic, free improv and folk music, with

Vero Castro & Hernán Ruiz | Natalio Sued & Oscar Jan Hoogland | Adeline Salles flute 4tet  | Nicolás Chientaroli’s improv unit

✺ 21:00 Jerboah

Art-rock, post-genre, world beat, say what you want.

Jerboah is an energetic wonderful cocktail! (molotov like)

Sarah Jeffery – recorder/voice | Dodó Kis – EWI-bass/recorder | Guillermo Celano – guitar | Marc Baggiani – drums

✺ 22:00 Cumbia session!!

Set your mind to swing on a boat in stormy weather where feet are pounding, the flour is bending and ladies, gentlemen and everything in between are flying around along with the furniture.

Drink yourself drunk with the sound of a dislocated cumbia!  That’s going to be fun to play and fun dance so bring your dancing shoes if you dare.

Hope to see you there!





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