DO 2 JUN 20u IMPROV: Orè + Fade in Trio

Concert Impro/Brazilian Music with Orè and Federico Calcagno
doors: 19:30
start 20:00

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or sliding scale at the door.
José Soares – Sax
Miguel Petruccelli – Guitar
Onno Govaert – Drums
Pedro Ivo Ferreira – Bass
Quartet created in 2022 exploring Brazilian and Improvised Music. The group brings influences of maracatu, baião and and other northeastern rhythms in a contemporary vision, using unison melodies and traditional rhythms as a foundation to create improvising platforms. Each musician is invited to bring their own contribution to the compositions.
Fade In Trio + George Dumitriu
Federico Calcagno – (Bass) Clarinet
Pietro Barcellona – Double Bass
Marco Luparia – Drums
Speciale Guest:
George Dumitriu – Viola
No leader, just three desperate and forward-thinking heads.
In a hyper-active artistic momentum since 2018, Fade In Trio keeps subverting musical
conventions for the sake of its self-imposed chimera: true to the bone artistic honesty. A
fundamental mutual trust allows the three distinct identities to melt and fade into an
idiosyncratic communal vision, where improvisation becomes the lens for a deep inner
investigation of our functions within a creative community.


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5 euro