Doors open: 20.00
Showtime: 20.30
Damage: €6 or more, pay what you can.
Cheap bar!
This will be the first of a series aiming to bring the many scenes of noise, improvisational and experimental music together. In NOISE POWER you will find all sounds ranging from the vulnerable to the brutal; the idea is to shake the inner core of your body by sheer strength of volume.
It is recommended to bring ear plugs! though there will also be ear plugs at the venue.
Doors Open: 20 00
Music Starts: 20 30
Ticket Price: 6-16 (sliding scale from 6 to 16 euros, pay what you can)
fra Zedde
Francesco Zedde is an Italian artist based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He was trained as a classical guitarist and drummer in his teenage, turned to sound design and audio technologies later. Francesco works with code, circuits, materials, images, sounds, and ideas. His artistic outcomes have diverse forms, aside from extensive concert activity he makes events, records, soundtracks, workshops, artworks, machines, instruments, software, installations, and performances. On this night he will open with an electronic set of Noise Power.
Bakuhatsu are a newly formed trio of feedback doom. They take their name from the Japanese word for ‘blast’ and are equally inspired by the rich experimental music scene of Japan throughout its history. Working from the simple question: ”What would happen if you blend the free form sounds of John Coltrane with drone and feedback noise found in doom metal?” From this simple idea a group was born. Now they dive into the depths of feedback devastation and aim to annihiliate every bone in your body. In the realm of music that operates within this intensity of volume there is a whole new world of sound waiting to be discovered.
Saxophone: Marcus Warnheim
Drums: Nasim Lopez-Palacios Navarro
Guitar: Angelo Antic
With the utmost joy I announce one of the heaviest groups in modern times as the final act of the evening; Dust Bunny is a high-octane space carousel that seemingly never stops. The sounds that this duo can create out of nowhere is a miracle to behold. Ranging from explosive lows as if a nuclear bomb has been dropped as your television set is short circuiting, to beautiful high pitched bird whispers as you lay in the sunlit park with a nightmarish hangover – this group takes you on a transcendent journey with the chimes they concoct. Most impressive is these experienced improvisational noise travellers are only armed with a synth and a drum kit. They play with high stakes energy; as if it were life and death and this is the last show.
Synth, keys: Marta Warelis
Drums: Nasim Lopez-Palacios Navarro