6 NOV 20:30u IMPRO concert: Canadian Connection


19:30 deur open
20:30 first set

Line Up:

Onno Govaert – drums
Dodó Kis – recorders
Aaron Lumley – contrabass
Nora Mulder – piano
Mary Oliver – violin/viola
Ada Rave – tenor saxophone/bass clarinet
Jasper Stadhouders – guitar
Scott Thomson – trombone
De Tanker presents an evening of improvised music featuring special guest Scott Thomson — the Canadian trombonist known for his work with Roger Turner and Arthur Bull in the trio Monicker plus longstanding duos with John Oswald and Lori Freedman.  Thomson will perform in different combinations with Amsterdam-based musicians Onno Govaert, Dodó Kis, Aaron Lumley, Nora Mulder, Mary Oliver, Ada Rave and Jasper Stadhouders.
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gropeskorting alleen bij 10 kaarten