22 Okt 16:30 – Botero/Delgado Duo with Collectief Imprography


Performance starts at 17:00

Embarking on a new collaboration, Amsterdam-based improvisation group Collectief Imprography joins forces with the Colombian BoteroDelgado Duo for a riveting dual-set performance. Features the BoteroDelgado Duo, set to present on a European tour in October, alongside spontaneous improvisations by dancers Edward Lloyd and Miri Lee, pianist Philipp Rüttgers, and drummer Efraim Schulz-Wackerbarth. This immersive experience invites the audience into a space where every interaction is molded by shared sensory experiences, providing a unique exploration of the symbiotic relationship between sound, movement, and mutual understanding.

Set 1: BoteroDelgado Duo
BoteroDelgado is a duo that explores  the sonic possibilities of the double bass/voice. In addition to that, the duo dwells the different relational possibilities of the performers. The duo mutates constantly and with it, the  way of presenting; ranging  from  improvised concerts using conventional and extended techniques, songs with hints of traditional Latin American music, performative gestures and expanded theatricalities of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary nature
Santiago Botero: bass. https://www.boterosantiago.com/
Juanita Delgado: voice https://www.juanitadelgado.com/

Set 2: Improvisation Session
Dance by Edward Lloyd and Miri Lee
Music by Santiago Botero/ bass, Juanita Delgado/ voice, Efraim Schulz-Wackerbarth/drum and Philipp Rüttgers/ Piano