2 JUNI 20:00u IMPROCONCERT: Wärnheim / Martinsson / Bäckström / Jäger I Rebolada I Ignacio Pintó Trio I Lupino Quartet


Doors open: 20.00
Showtime: 20.30
Damage: €7 or more, pay what you can.
Cheap bar!
Picture of Jonathan Bäckström by Daria Gatska.

Welcome to another concert evening dedicated to things going swing-a-ling and things that certainly don’t. Amsterdam is a famous breeding ground for artists expressing inner and outer truths though sound and that is what tonight will be ALL ABOUT. Come by and see for yourself instead of reading about it years later in a very expensive coffee-table book.


Performances by:
– Wärnheim / Martinsson / Bäckström / Jäger –
A first time meeting between masterly Finnish bass player Jonathan Bäckström and some of the most interesting voices of Dutch improvised music today. Jonathan is based in Helsinki and active as bandleader, composer and sideman in projects relating to free jazz, swinging things and improvised music. Tonight anything goes, kablaaaaam shhhhh swoosh. BANG tss pling plong. But just the necessary and nothing more will be done.
Marcus Wärnheim – alto saxophone
Kristján Martinsson – piano
Jonathan Bäckström – double bass
Gerri Jäger – drums
– Rebolada –
Pianist Adrián Moncada and singer Irene Sorozábal present Rebolada: a deconstruction of traditional Spanish culture through a contemporary prism. Sounds and echoes of folkloric dances are intertwined with jazz harmonies and the surprising quality of free improvisation. This project proposes a sort of awakening; the rise of a forgotten folklore leading the way into a personal and contemporary folklore.
Irene Sorozabal – voice
Adrian Moncado – piano
– Ignacio Pintó Trio –
This young trio explores their own and other’s compositions with an adventurous attitude, making improvisation a fundamental tool. In the pursuit for their own voice, their biggest influences come from European Jazz and composers like Shostakovich, Messiaen or Ravel. A delicate and explosive sound brought by a band with a horizontal nature, where all the instruments play a main role.
Evan van der Feen – piano
Ignacio Pintó – double bass
Guy Abada – drums
– Lupino Quartet –
This acoustic neo-jazz quartet is co-led by Finnish pianist Ida Alanen and Swedish guitarist Jonathan Dafgård. Their lyrical yet rhythmically hypnotizing compositions are filled with vibrant intensity and bring the listener to Nordic landscapes, the roots of the two co-leaders. The group consists of four strong individual voices, and in the heart of their sound is the golden union of the electric guitar and piano.
Ida Alanen – piano
Jonathan Dafgård – guitar
River Adomeit – double bass
TBA – drums