19 NOV 20:00u Double bill concert: ICC & HUSHED HANDS


1st set

Instant Composition Collective

Instant Composition Collective is a gathering of performers that for the last years have been meeting in private and public, researching means of transdisciplinary co-creation within movement, sound and text. They are bringing ephemeral realities into existence through poeticality and imagination, and through the embracing of vulnerability and the strength of the communal moment. The collective consists of large pool of artists, of which a smaller group will perform this evening.

2nd set

Hushed Hands

is an experimental pop-rock and free improvisation project centered around the music of bandleader Eli Wing. Equipped with a 5-piece rhythm section, a 5-piece horn section and three singers, Hushed Hands comes fully stocked and prepared for any hipster emergency, party foul or freak-shortage. The band endeavors to operate within the tensions between freedom and restriction, humor and sincerity and in- and interdependence. These themes can be found from the lyrical content of the songs to the juxtaposition between the free improvised pieces and Eli’s uptight arrangements. In fact, these tensions amount to a philosophical core as well as an aesthetic goal; Hushed Hands seeks rather to ride the wave of homeostasis than to calm the waters by brute force.

In addition to the music, Eli Wing has designed a series of unique outfits for each band member based on a trace of their very own hands, hands which open and close, constrain and release, break and fix. Touch and smack.

If you were to come to a performance of Hushed Hands, ideally you would enjoy yourself. But in the event that you didn’t, you will none-the-less be unable at times to shake the feeling that you may just have seen one of the weirder shows that you had never intended to see, and that’s worth something, isn’t it?

Hushed Hands: we take music seriously so you don’t have to!