Due to unforseen circumstances….

Doors: 20:30
Damage: 10e

This will be the first edition of ‘Tezeta’ at the Roze Tanker – a night full of classic hits and dancable grooves! ‘Tezeta’ means ‘nostalgia’ in the Tigrinya language and that is what this evening is all about; reminiscing, dancing and partying to classic hits throughout the history of music. DJ Tezeta will be blasting all the legendary music from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and early to mid 2000s. Music we fondly remember, as it has shaped us throughout our lives; defining us as the people we eventually turn to be. It is natural, as we grow in our lives, to be nostalgic to the ‘good old days’ and that’s why it can often feel like a bittersweet feeling – however a very necessary one, as our past and our cherished memories are what shape us, form us, guide us and also inform us to our future decisions.

But on this night we embrace all the sunshine and positive aspects of ‘Tezeta’, and let it all out in a big whirlpool of dancing and good vibes! Come for the socializing, meet new people, revive your old friendships and simultaneously embrace the new! The music will be diverse as it is like a time capsule throughout history – but it will always be dancable, memorable and soul-stirring – providing you with the key elements you need in your life. We will also have a nice and simple cocktail bar to go along with the palette of the evening – and uniquely delicious locally brewed beers!


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