11 Jun 20:00u Swimming to Zaal | Marielle Groven | Lina Allemano Four


Doors 2000
Music 2030
tix 10 €
De Tanker hosts an evening of adventurous and improvised music featuring musicians from Amsterdam, Berlin and Toronto:
THE LINA ALLEMANO FOUR are an award-winning Canadian acoustic chamber-jazz ensemble.  The quartet is led by Berlin-based trumpet player Lina Allemano and features Toronto’s Brodie West on alto saxophone, Andrew Downing on double bass and Nick Fraser on drums.  Hailed as one of Canada’s leading cutting-edge ensembles, the Lina Allemano Four are known internationally for their inventiveness, playfulness, and synergy as they deftly blur the line between composition and improvisation. The band has been touring extensively since 2005 all across Europe, USA and Canada. Their music has been described as abstract melodicism, combining lush colours with dense free-flowing rhythmic textures.  They are currently touring Europe in support of their 7th album, Pipe Dream — out now on LUMO Records.
MARIELLE GROVEN is an Amsterdam-based composer and multi-instrumentalist originally from Nova Scotia, Canada.  Groven’s solo amplified violin music is a recent endeavour inspired by Amsterdam’s international free improvised music scene. In this project she has developed a personal approach embracing both her musical roots in Atlantic Canada and her history with the avant-garde where folk-inflected melodies and drones are refracted through microtonality and distortion.
Swimming to Zaal is an explosive and protean improvised music group from Berlin and Amsterdam.  Guitarist Jasper Stadhouders, pianist Nora Mulder, bassist Aaron Lumley and drummer Onno Govaert interweave melodically and texturally with the ease, humour and fury of old friends.  The group’s name is both a tribute to Zaal 100, where the group first performed and to Spalding Gray, whose quest to experience the perfect moment took him to the edge and beyond.  Swimming to Zaal’s eponymous debut album was released in 2022 on Doek Raw.